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Welcome to my world of dance and performance! With over 20 years of experience as an acrobatic dancer, performer, choreographer, and teacher, I have dedicated my life to the art of movement. My journey has filled me with pride in my talent and performances.

Home: Guadalajara • Puerto Vallarta, MX.

Current: Vancouver, BC.

Demo Reel Acrobatic Dancer

It's clear to me that the best dance in the world is breakdance, but when I started taking classes in other types of dance, I realized that I fell in love with dance as a whole. I began with Jazz classes in college, then I met a native Brazilian capoeira master in the streets who invited me to train for two years. After that, I was invited to join a Polynesian dance group. Subsequently, I took classes in Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Latin rhythms, African dances, Aerial dance, and Olympic gymnastics. I fell in love with the ability to control and move my body in different and unique ways.

Solo Performance

Throughout my career, I have developed various solo performances, showcasing my talent at different events.

The Genie of Aladdin show.

This performance includes the character with body paint, dance, acrobatics, lip-syncing, and fireworks effects.

The Challenge:

Portraying the Genie in Aladdin has been a magical experience. While mastering acting, choreography, and acrobatics came easily, I had to learn lip-syncing and poi techniques for electric pyrotechnics. I also incorporated screen projections of magic effects, movie scenes, fireworks, and humorous elements that I designed myself. Additionally, I hired a professional body painter to learn how to do it myself.


Marival Emotions Resort  & CODE (night club)

Michael Jackson Tribute

As a fan of the King of Pop, I dared to create a tribute that includes some original choreography and a bit of breakdance.

The character is an urban dancer

The Challenge:

The most important aspect of this show is ensuring the audience understands that I am not an imitator of Michael Jackson. In dance, nothing is more crucial than creating your own moves. While I learned some official Michael Jackson choreography from videos, I mixed it with a Cirque du Soleil soundtrack to develop my unique style, creating an urban dancer character.


World of Dance (Burnaby, BC)

JB Dance Club (Pto. Vallarta) • Hotel Friendly (Pto. Vallarta)

Breakdance contest • Private parties & Duet with "Robotina"


One of the highlights of my career has been performing as Spider-Man Stunt at kids' parties and special workshops. These performances allow me to combine my acrobatic skills with interactive storytelling, creating memorable experiences and adventures that inspire and entertain young audiences. 

Cadspiderman began as a school project focused on web design. This initial phase quickly expanded to include marketing and branding strategies aimed at reaching potential customers, gathering testimonials, and analyzing competitors. After establishing the brand, I began with some friendly engagements and performances to build a strong foundation.

This idea originated from a wonderful friend who gifted me the costume to surprise her little son at his party.


Coach (2021)

Campamento Kawok is company committed to the highest standards of quality and safety, it is a specialized military-style training camps, including team building, fitness, and challenges.

I have designed a class to enhance survival skills, ensuring our tribe feels secure while discovering natural strength, balance, breathing techniques, and mind-focusing strategies to control fear.

The Challenge:

The previous record to complete the 32 obstacles at Kawok Camp was 3:15, set by the owner, a professional climber. After four months of training, I set a new record of 2:32.


Rimex B-boys (2010-2013)

When I was living in Puerto Vallarta, I drew upon my previous experiences with other crews to create my own: Rimex Bboys. This new crew allowed me to choreograph and mix amazing hip-hop performances focused on show business for night entertainment purposes. We collaborated with important nightclubs such as Señor Frogs, Mandala, Zoo, Glam, Collage, JB Club Dance, and others. Additionally, we had the opportunity to participate in local events and mall performances to severals brands. During this time, I was fully booked for classes and workshops, sharing my expertise with eager students.


THA CREW (2007-2009)

Tha Crew was undoubtedly the best hip-hop performance team, trending in many showcases choreographed by JP Cuevas. I had the chance to learn various types of choreography. Some of the highlight performances include: Creating commercial reels for artists, performing on TV programs and radio concerts, collaborating with renowned brands, special performances for private events and parties.


B-Boy Family (2004-2009)

I meet my real best friends with this crew these guys are my brothers, with them I have the chance to win first place into a national breakdance competition "Battle Zonver 2005", We offer battle exhibitions and performances to nightclubs: Mito Discotec & Sharona Room (during 5 years these places were our second home). We also danced at private school parties and events. Additionally, International brands hired us to their events: Omnilife, Samsung, Telcel, Coca-Cola, and also goverment, enhancing their events with our breakdance show. We  also participated in catwalks, parades, fashion events and carnivals across the country, I was always more interested in performing than in breakdance competitions.

This crew had an amazing background as breakdance competition winners across Mexico before I was part of it. Their fame grew from performing every weekend at Hard Rock Live.


Digital Bboys (1998-2000)

Digital Bboys was my first breakdance crew, created with a couple of friends. We dedicated ourselves to practicing in the neighborhood park, named "Carneros" honing our skills and passion for breakdancing. Eventually, we started performing at local parties and schools,

learning about the culture each other.

Michael Jackson

The History Show (2017-2019)

I had the incredible opportunity to perform as a dancer in Michael Jackson's "The History Show," performed by Julio Iturriaga and recommended by Yusnier Castellanos my Cuban salsa teacher. This entertainment spectacular highlighted my skills in breakdance and acrobatic contemporary solo, bringing high-energy performances to audiences and celebrating the legacy of the King of Pop.

Resorts Entertainments:

Grand Mayan • Grand Fiesta Americana

Marival Emotions • Hyatt Ziva 

Polynesian dance

Danzas Polinesias de Guadalajara (2003-2005)

Founded by director Leah Gutiérrez de Ríos, is the most important and comprehensive academy in Guadalajara. Due to the lack of men in this type of dance, she decided to hire my dance team to teach us and offer performances in schools, hotels, and theatres

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