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Personal Profile

I'm Eddie, I'm passionate about making creativity and passion work together.

It is the most inspiring energy you could create, ​this energy drives me to get to know my clients' values, target audience, and business goals so that my designs accurately reflect their vision, priorities, and beliefs.

Taking great pride in my work, I look forward to working with you.


Skills: Artificial Intelligence, Visual Identity, Trade Marketing, Web Development,

Illustrations & Motion Graphic Design



Hobbies: dancing, swimming & cycling.

Graphic Designer

The Adventures Group

Leading all locations:

Vallarta Adventures · Cancun Adventures 

& Cabo Adventures

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Graphic Designer

Señor Frogs, Puerto Vallarta

I developed more than 35 characters for marketing and merchandising. I was responsible for all print media, including menus, flyers, and billboards.  I learned experience in e-commerce and public relations.

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Social Brand

Motion Graphic & Artificial Intelligence

I created this brand during the pandemic to connect with customers, enhance my illustration skills, and explore artificial intelligence

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Freelance Graphic Design

Visual Identity & Logo Design

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Elegancia Cubana

Branding Design

Reels & Social Media

Artificial Intelligence Illustrations

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Web Design

Advertising Graphic Design

Project Managment

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Passion & Power

"Explore My Recent Projects"

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